Alberto Cortes Walt Cessna Fukt 2 Start With

Alberto Cortes to Speak Broken Werd from FUKT 2 START WITH by Walt Cessna

Celebrating the release of Walt Cessna’s first book FUKT 2 START WITH: Short Stories & Broken Werd

Featuring readings by myself, Chi Chi Valenti, Nicholas Gorham, Derek Nicoletto, Paul Wirhun, Michael Alago, Max Steele, Jake Ryan & Muffinhead.

I am scheduled to perform at approximately 8:30pm.

A very special performance by Kyle Kupres and Chad Ferro. Music by DJ Sheba Legend. Hosted by Heidi Sjursen.

Special exhibit featuring a survey of creative collaboration between contemporary artists: Maria Pineres, Dietmar Busse, Natasha Gornik, Scooter LaForge, Benjamin Fredrickson, Devin Elijah, Darren Ankenbauer, Marne Lucas, Todd Allen Yaeger, Dick Mitchell, Shannon Greer, Kate Schellenbach, Robert Siegelman, Scott Pasfield, Jeffrey Silverman, Brett Lindell, Joel Handorff, Charlotta Janssen & John J Spencer.

Also featuring a collaboration between Scooter LaForge & Walt ‘CESSNA HEARTS LAFORGE’ featuring one of a kind hand painted photographs.


245 Broome Street

Sunday, April 15th 2012


One thought on “Alberto Cortes to Speak Broken Werd from FUKT 2 START WITH by Walt Cessna

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