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Miguel Adrover Never Got Old

On the 8th of February, I received a call from Desi Santiago for assistance on a few simple jewelry pieces for Miguel Adrover’s upcoming Women’s Fall 2012 looks fashion show.  At first I was surprised to hear that Adrover was back, after his eight years of being out of the limelight of new york fashion week and then I understood we had two days to get the jewelry pieces together. Boop!

I myself am a great believer in reinvention, so I was glad to be part of this phoenix-like show.  Very quickly I was swept up in the flurry of pre-show production but found much comfort in Desi’s always calm demeanor and in the generally spanish speaking team that Adrover assembled.

As the story developed, I began to learn about Adrover’s thoughts behind the collection: recycled fabrics in a fluctuating climate.  In essence, a real feeling of nowness was ever present.

Considering that I am an artist, struggling with gaining exposure in the saturated art world that is New York City and living on an impossible budget, this theme of Nowness hit home and so I channeled much of that energy into the necklaces, broach and crown.  We gave life to the dead.

Here is Style.com’s take on the show:


And the animal skull jewelry pieces:

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